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Hackathon Sponsors


$3,600 in prizes

Best Pebble Hack (2)

A Silver Pebble Steel for each member of the winning team.

Best Application Built on IBM Bluemix platform. (4)

You will enjoy a 2 day all expenses paid trip to Austin, TX, the home to the world-class IBM Design Studio! You’ll tour our fun and creative space, have 1:1 time with our team, get valuable feedback on your work, obtain career advice, visit the Watson Lab, and network with executives. We’ll put you up in a great hotel in the heart of downtown and make sure you get to try some fantastic Texas BBQ!

Booz Allen's Best DC Data Hack using DC’s Open Data Catalog (

da Vinci 3D Printer (for up to 4 team members)

Use at least 1 data set from the website, and make it awesome!

Best Digital Forensics Hack (3)

Best Digital Forensics Hack (data recovery/carving, file reconstruction, steganography, facial recognition, smartphone app data extraction, reverse engineering tools, etc.)

Prizes: CT Forensic Team t-shirts, ASCII Posters, and other random company swag.

Awarded by: Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc.

OPIS Innovation Prize

“Most innovative use or implementation of ‘every day’ tech”, meaning: Show me something that will change my life so much I will use it every day in the future.

$500 (10 $50 visa/amex giftcards)

Awarded by OPIS

Best hack built with MetaMind.

The winners of MetaMind's API prize will receive an Emotiv EPOC + EEG headset!

Best Hack built with the Twitter API and/or Fabric SDK.

Beats Solo 2 Headphones
$50 Amazon Gift card

Best hack with a Microsoft product (3)

1st prize: Xbox One for each team member (max 4)
2nd prize: Arc Mice and Arc keyboard for each team member (max 4)
3rd prize: All-In-One (Gamer) keyboard for each team member (max 4)

Best User Interface

Bose Speakers for the winning team

Awarded by: Goldman Sachs

FINRA: Best hack utilizing end-of-day stock price data (provided) for companies trading on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock exchanges.


Guaranteed internship interview opportunity.

FINRA: Best hack combining publicly available investment advisor data (provided) with other public data sources to help evaluate the character of investment advisors.

Guaranteed internship interview opportunity.

AppCow: Most Ambitious Hack (2)

1st Place: 10,000 Moolah!!
Two 2nd Place Winners: 5,000 Moolah!!

Moolah is redeemable in the AppCow app for exclusive deals on accessories and in-app currency.

Some things you could get: Huawei portable bluetooth speaker (2999 Moolah), universal power packs (1000 Moolah), travel chargers and adapters (varies), Otterbox cases (varies), SD cards (600 Moolah), and more!

Best Social Impact Hack

$300 Donation to the Charity of your choice, in your name

Best Use of Capital One API

$250 Amazon Gift Card for each participant

Washington Post's Comments Data Dump

Amazon Kindle Fire HD for each team member. Best comments hack

FINRA: Best hack utilizing a FINRA-sponsored open-source project (

Namecheap Best Domain Name Registered

$250 Namecheap Credit for Best .me Domain Name registered at Bitcamp!

Best App/Program Prize by Bookholders


Coolest Use of Hardware Prize by Bookholders

Raspberry Pi or Teensy Device or Spark Core for each Team Member

Most Innovative Use of Classdata API or Video Feeds by Bookholders

$100 Gift Certificate off Textbooks for each team member.

Best LTS Hacks (3)

"Most open submission (open source or design) (local entries only)"

A tour of Red Hats local DC office, and sit down with employees. (no travel funded, local winners only)

Best Web Services Hack (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) credit

EPA Hack Idea: Nature App to Identify "Ecospots"

EPA Hack Idea: Game

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Judging Criteria

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